Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Benatav’s activities center around winding coils and treatment of conducting wires. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing solutions customized to fit clients’ needs by employing advanced technologies developed in-house, which enable meeting the most complex technical requirements.
The company specializes in designing and manufacturing coils for the solar industry, designing and manufacturing micro-coils, employing innovative technologies to connect ultra-fine wires for the medical device industry, and offering special solutions for the traditional coils industry.
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Recognizing the engineering challenges posed by medical device miniaturization, Benatav has developed a unique array of capabilities, both in designing...
Benatav specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative coils that serve as inductors for solar inverters. The design is based on...
Benatav offers its clients a broad array of coils for various uses, manufactured per customer specifications ...
Designing and manufacturing state of the art coils for a broad array of industries requires unique design expertise and mastery...

Our Products

Miniature cylindrical coil wound using 16 micron wire and 400 windings
3 phase low inductance filtering inductor, packaged in a single aluminum casing for heat dissipation, intended for high currents
Miniature elliptical coil wound using 10 micron wire
Coreless miniature coil, cast in see-through polyurethane and mounted on a metal plate
Miniature cylindrical coreless coil wound using 10 micron wire
Single-phase low inductance filtering inductor for high currents, cast in epoxy
Antenna coil on a bobbin with through-hole pins for PCB mounting
Single layer winding self bonding coil, wound using 20 micron copper wire
Single-phase heavy-weigt dual inductor cast on a single core in a single casing
Flattened elliptical micro coil wound using 10 micron wire
Navigation sensor wound on a 3-axis plastic bobbin
Miniature ball-shape coil wound using 10 micron wire with 2300 windings

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